First published article: body image in the media

Hello, welcome back to another blog post! So, I have expressed that I love writing on this blog a lot, right, so much so I study journalism at college. I was very lucky enough to get my first ever article published in the college magazine and I really wanted to share it on my blog, as it's sort of a milestone! As you can see by the article title, this is about body image In the media; which is a very hot topic at the moment with all the endless editing. I expressed my opinion on the matter by addressing we're all different! I wrote about how everybody is seeking 'perfection' but is there really such a thing? Nope there really isn't! I wanted to address that the Images you see of celebrities are edited and even they don't look truly like that; the truth is we all have scars and imperfections it's what makes us who we are.

I interviewed three people from college to get their opinion on the matter and most importantly how they stay happy in their own skin.

The article

Today's world can be pretty tough, constantly keeping up with trends and seeing 'perfection' something the media has done a good job at drilling into our heads.
Adults and children of all genders are getting caught up in this matter more than ever, due to the dominance of social media.

Social media can be a cruel vicious place, full of body shaming and bullying.
Young children and even adults need to understand the fake wall of social media; being that the images that the images that are shared have been filtered to perfection.

Everyone owns up to putting some form of filter on their pictures; I myself even put a form of filter on because we don't feel good enough without them.

In realistic terms, the images you look up to day in day out are fake and that's reality!


What are your thoughts on the unrealistic images the media publish?

Paige: "I believe that the media have no right to show or say what they perfect body is. We live in a world full of different people, I don't understand why the media advertise Photoshopped and unrealistic images of models.

It's boring. I think the media should be rooting to inspire and help people to love themselves more."

Lucy: " I think the unrealistic the media publishes are really bad because they give unrealistic beauty standards to young girls and boys; this can be quite damaging to their futures."

Isaac: "I think it's unhealthy to have high expectations of what to look like."

How do you stay happy in your own skin?

Paige: "I wear the clothes and make-up I like, however, I like. I won't let anyone change me."

Lucy: "I stay happy in my own skin by always ensuring that I do things I am comfortable with, whether it's the clothes I wear, the body products I use or how I exercise."

Isaac: " I try not to listen to what the media say too much; being myself makes me happy."

It's clear the majority of teenagers have a positive outlook on body image, by not letting high expectations of 'perfection' ruin their life.

Be happy, be confident and just be you!

I was very happy with the outcome and it's good to bring some positivity to this subject.

What do you think? Let me know in the comments!