Yves saint laurent mascara The review ♥

I have been looking for a good mascara that lives up to its name for quite some time now and never really thought of any of the high end brands. My lashes are naturally very short i hardly have any. So when i saw this ysl mascara i thought um this sounds really good. (and of course the gold shiny packaging drew me to it) Mascara volume effect. Is it worth the money well let me tell you..

The gold shiny packaging just made me want it even more its
so pretty

yves saint laurent is a very good name but sometimes just because
there a high end beauty item doesnt not always mean there going to be great.
But i cannot say one bad word about this mascara i just love it. Makes my short lashes look extra long  

The wand is quite thick and large but the application is really easy and mess free. With some
mascaras i really find it hard to get my bottom lashes neat without getting
them annoying dots. Well with this you wont get none of that i promise you

(Buy here in colour 1)
The before and after pictures say it all really i mean look how long my lashes
look now. The bottom picture you can hardly see my lashes. But the top the
stand out so well.

So what do you think would you invest in  a good high end mascara like
this let me know:)