Tuesday, 25 November 2014

20 reasons why I love christmas

Picture from google.

Christmas is 30 days away im so excited I just love Christmas I have my advent calendar ready. I
think even if I was 20 I would still want an advent calendar. I don't know anybody who hates Christmas because lets be honest what is there to hate its the best day. Being with your family the Christmas dinner its not all about getting presents but of course its nice. But I really do honestly love giving more than receiving I get so excited buying presents for people. I am one of those people who just cant wait to see the persons reaction when they open the present. So I definitely  say 'Do you like it' straight away, sometimes even before they have finished unwrapping it. And I am really bad for putting too much sellotape on the presents and people end up struggling to get in OOPS! any way here are my 20 reasons why I love Christmas so much.

20. I love going Christmas shopping and seeing all the cute Christmas stock they have out.

19. I love it when the Christmas song come on the radio I turn it up really loud and sing really badly

18. The chocolate all the tins of sweets come out my favourite has to be quality streets and celebrations. I feel like all the best chocolate come out at this time.

17. The Christmas adverts the best one has to be the Coca-Cola advert!

16. I love watching youtubers Vlogmas especially zoella and Tanya burr there such Christmas lovers and it really gets you even more excited!
15. 2 weeks of from school/college well this is the best you get to stay at home in the warmth binge out on chocolate and watch films!
14. Getting all wrapped up when its cold I love to be all wrapped up in snug jumpers and scarfs. This year I might start wearing a beanie not to sure we will have to see..

13.  Christmas novelty items. I am such a sucker for buying this stuff but I love it when they bring out Christmas themed stuff like cups and pjs I just have to have them.

12. Being with your family, Christmas is defiantly the time to be with your family/loved ones it makes everything special also it makes you appreciate your life and family you realize how lucky and loved you are.

11. Christmas Jumpers! they bring out so many amazing Christmas jumpers I love the ones that quote from Christmas films such as home alone and elf  I saw a jumper which said 'Merry Christmas ya filthy animal' which is on home alone and just wanted it.

10. Putting up the Christmas tree and decorations. This is the best part I love putting up all the decorations and making your home look very festive. You don't want to go to over the top and make your house look like santas grotto though!

9. The countdown this excites me so much I have to admit I get the countdown app on my phone and start counting down to Christmas day it gets me very excited.

8. The Christmas dinner! is the best I feel like its defiantly the best meal of the year its like a Sunday dinner but a 1000 times better with all the trimmings. But I feel like we eat stuff we don't like just because its tradition like brucel sprouts I mean there so disgusting  but we pretend we like them and eat them because it tradition.

7. January sales this is so good for shopaholics like me you get such a good discount and I'm the one who goes straight after boxing day and comes home with ALOT of bags. But its fine because there in the sale we tell are self's.

6. Wrapping the Christmas presents I have to admit I spend way to much time on them. Putting ribbon and bows on them but  I want them to look pretty. But your heart just breaks when you see all the paper ripped up on the floor.

5. When the Christmas tv mag comes out. This sounds really sad but since I was little we have always got it and I used to circle the films I want to watch.

4. The soaps Christmas special this excites me a lot too there normally really good story lines on Coronation street.

3. Christmas eve is super exciting even though im not little anymore I still get giddy and find it hard to sleep that will never go with me.

2.  I find it really lovely hearing how excited my little cousins are when for Christmas when there saying santas coming it just reminds me of how excited I was when I was little for santa.

1. Christmas is just the best its a day we all get excited for.

                 What's your favourite part of Christmas let me know in the comments

Monday, 24 November 2014

Boohoo Christmas collection 2014

I love Boohoo.com there clothes are gorgeous they do not fail to keep up with the latest trends. I knew the Christmas collection was going to be beautiful and it was i love everything on it. If your going to a Christmas or new year party i would definitley say check boohoo out. Its great quality but really affordable. Boohoo has won so many awards including Lorraine's High street fashion award 2014, Reveal online fashion awards 2014, Cosmopolitan #Fashfest best for curves 2014 and Fabulous high street fashion award 2014. Boohoo has become so well known because there just amazing at delivering bang on trend fashion. Also if you use the word 'RUDOLF' you can get 24% of the Christmas range! now but be quick as it wont be long forever.

Everyone loves a fur jacket in winter. And why not there bang on trend and
super stylish pair with a dress or jumpsuit to make it look super glam. 
WOW! catch everybody's attention in this super glam jumpsuit
when its Christmas you have to add a bit of sparkle.

This dress is so girly i love the pink colour. It looks so posh i would defiantly save this
for any special events around Christmas. Add a pop of colour and stand out.

This jumpsuit is stunning. I love jumpsuits and i would defiantly wear this i love
the unique blue colour and velvet look design. It has the WOW factor

You cant go wrong with a black dress but make it more glam with this
beautiful detail back and split sides.

You cant go wrong with wearing white look so chic and pretty. Would look amazing
with a tan.

This dress is really unusual and that is why i love it the fur trimming at the
bottom makes a plain black dress look party ready and amazing!

I am a huge lover of jumpsuits.
So when i saw this i immediately wanted it.
i love silver/white colour this will be perfect for the Christmas party.
It such a chic classic look I would wear this for any Christmas or new year party.

I was contacted by boohoo asking if I wanted to write a post on there new Christmas collection and of course I said yes
the collection is gorgeous. ALL VIEWS ARE MY OWN!
What outfit is your favourite let me know in the comments


Sunday, 23 November 2014

Sunday outfit of the day

Today i went out for a really nice sunday dinner I loved what I was wearing so I thought I would share it with you. Also thank you so much for 40 followers on Blog lovin its made me very happy. As I always say blogging isn't all about getting lots of follower but it is really nice to know that people enjoy reading my blog that much they want to follow it!. I love blogging and I will be doing it for a long time it just makes me very happy and I'm  glad your joining me on this blogging journey.
Anyway so I am wearing printed trousers and a very cosy jumper it was so cold outside but I was very warm!. I have actually noticed that I wear ALOT of newlook I just love the shop half of my wardrobe is from newlook haha. It's not just me who's a big newlook fan its gorgeous they must be a lot of newlook lovers out there! I hope you like this post I really enjoy making fashion posts.

                                                  Trousers- Newlook
                                                  Jumper- Newlook
                                                  Necklace- Primark
                                                    Boots- Garage shoes
                                                   Coat- Newlook
        What do you think of this outfit let me know in the comments they always make me happy:)

Tuesday, 18 November 2014

How to beat dry winter lips.

In winter my lips suffer massively they become really sore and chapped. Putting lipstick over the top of flakey chapped lips isn't the nicest look. So i discovered this amazing product a year ago now and I've loved them ever since. They are the body shop born lippy. They come in the most lovely scents they smell exactly of what it says. The ones i have are raspberry, strawberry, guava. The packaging is wearing of slightly i apologize. Body shop never fail to bring  a great product so when i saw these i knew i wouldn't be disappointed and because i love them so much i thought to share them with you so you can love them just as much as i do!.

This one is called guava it smells like watermelon.
Strawberry sorry for the wearing of the packaging!

Raspberry scent smells exactly like raspberry!

     I love these so much whether putting them underneath lipstick or as there own there perfect for keeping you lips moisturized. This is a savior in winter trust me your lips will be thanking you!

                                       Would you try these let me know in the comments!   
(Buy here for a bargain of £2.00!)         Bloglovin¦ Twitter¦ Instagram¦

Sunday, 16 November 2014

An afternoon of taking pictures

Today I have spent the afternoon taking pictures. I have really been wanting to improve my photo skills so I thought why not go out to my local reservoir and take some nice pictures. When you think about it there's so much just on your doorstep what you can view and get out the house. It was freezing im not going to lie the weather was not on my side but it is winter so its not going to be suuny!
I think picture blog posts are the best there planned out carefully and its nice to have a nosey of what other people get up to. 

 What have you been up to this Sunday afternoon let me know in the comments. I'm now going to have a lovely Sunday dinner yuum!  Twitter¦Bloglovin¦Instagram

Friday, 14 November 2014

Evening outfit jumpsuit and blazer

Today i thought i would do another outfit post this is a evening one. I really enjoy making these so expect more. I was really pleased with the response i got with my last one let me know what you think in the comments and i will list all the outfit details at the bottom.
This is more of a dressier approach I love getting dressed up and going out who doesn't. It makes you feel extra girly and better about yourself.

                                          jumpsuit- Riverisland
                                          Heels- Garage shoes
                                         blazer- got from this shop in my local shopping center but its no longer there:(                                let me know what you think in the comments

Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Liebster Award

Hello everyone today i have been nominated to do this lovely tag by Kaledioscope Jade    she has a really nice blog so go check it out. I was also nominated by TaliGirl97 so go check her blog out to.

Here are the rules: 
1. Thank the person/people who nominated you and link their blog in your post ^ as above.
2. Display a picture of the Liebster award in your post, you can copy and paste this one if you like.
3. Answer the 11 questions given to you by the person/people who nominated you. 
4. Provide 11 random facts about you.
5. Nominate 5-11 blogs who have less than 200 followers - this is to help out other new bloggers trying to get out there!
6. Make up your own 11 questions for the bloggers you nominate to answer.
7. List the rules in your post so they know what's the Liebster award means.
8. Don't forget to let the people you nominated know that they've been nominated and send them a link to your blog so they can get the information.

Here are the questions what Jade asked me 

1. Heels or flats? 
Flats but when i go out i do wear heels/wedges

2. Do you have any tattoos or piercings?
 I have no tattoos but i do have piercings. I have my belly button pierced ears and i have my thirds done too on my ears. I used to have my nose pierced but took it out so its healed and gone

3. If you were only allowed  to use five products for the rest of you life, what would you use?    Dry shampoo, clinique chubby stick , Cleanser , Gradual tan and Micellar water (its like a water what removes make up and cleanses and tones your skin at the same time)

4. What is your favourite season?
My favourite season is Winter i love the build up to Christmas

5. Who is your style inspiration? 
I love kylie jenner and Kendall jenner's style! i like to take inspiration from them from time to time

6.  If you could live anywhere, where would you live?
 Malibu i love how laidback it is and i love America 

7. Who is your favourite music artist or band 
My favourite music artist is Beyonce 

8. Who is your favourite youtuber
My favourite youtuber at the moment is Melonlady

9. Why did you start blogging?
I started blogging because i always loved reading blogs i love writing too so why not start one and im so glad i did. Also its good practice if i want to become a journalist

10. Do you speak other languages other than English?
Nope not really i wish i listened more at school to spanish lessons but i just didn't i can speak a little and i mean a little french i used to be quite good at french when i was younger and i wish i kept it up!

Hannah's questions for me 

1. Who is your celebrity crush?
Zac effron defiantly!

2. What is your favourite make up brand? 
Mac its so professional i just love the finish of all the products!

3. What do you want your blog to be like/achieved in a years time? 

I would love my blog to be well known and i just want people to enjoy what i read then i know the time i spend
writing is worth while i love writing for my blog

4.  Why did you start blogging?

I have just answered this question so you will have just read it, there's no point in repeating it again

5. If you only had one more day to live, what would you spend your time doing?

I would want to go to New York and go shopping go up the statue a liberty and all the other tourist things

6. What is your dream job?

My dream job is to become a Journalist

7. If you could have any super power, what would it be and why?

I would love to be able to fly, because you could just get up and go where ever you want.

8. Your favourite thing about autumn?
My favourite thing about autumn is wrapping up and drinking hot chocolate 

9. Have you got any unusual skills, if so what?
Nope, im boring haha

10. In your opinion what are the top 3 qualities anyone can have?
I think they should be kind , helpful and loyal

11. What is the proudest moment in your life so far?
 My blog is making me very proud i have only had it a couple of months and all ready starting to get comments and followers im so happy

12. Lipstick or nail polish?

Lipstick i love experimenting with different colours its always nice to have a good lipstick collection

                                      I nominate Abi from Myw0rldMyView
                                        Jessie from JessicaAskoy   and anybody else who wants to do it
                                        My questions 
                                    1. Onesie or normal pjs?
                                    2. Would you become a youtuber ever?
                                    3. Favourite perfume?
                                     4. Berry or nude lipstick?
                                     5. Favourite make up item you own?
                                     6. How much do you blog a week?
                                      7. What would you say to your followers if you met them?
                                      8. Would you wear ugg boots?
                                      9. Curly hair or straight hair?
                                     10. Favourite thing about Christmas?
                                       11. Costa coffee or Starbucks?

 Let me know if you do this tag in the comments i love reading your comments!:) 


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