Saturday, 20 September 2014

I heart autumn/winter♥

I love autumn/winter it is one of my favorite seasons. Yes i love summer but there's just something about autumn i just love and i thought i would make a list. I feel like i have hardly put any posts up a lately so i need to get back into the swing of blogging daily again!

1. I love getting out knitted jumpers again

2. When all the autumn/winter themed candles start coming into shops (i love Yankee candles there so gorgeous my personal fave is vanilla cupcake)

3.  Christmas! (i know its a quite a while away yet but when we think of winter we think of Christmas straight away so it has to be on this list!)
4. Having an excuse to stay in and just watch tv (because its too cold!)
5.  Good traditional winter foods like stew yumm!
6.  When all the leaves start falling of the trees! you know its autumn

7. I get to wear ankle boots 
8. Layering up with scarfs and hats
9. Everything is so crisp and pretty
10.  I prefer autumn/winter fashion   

            Oh and how can i forget drinking endless cups of hot chocolate at winter its defiantly the time to binge out on lots of chocolate! I feel like there's just so much to look forward with these seasons we have Halloween bonfire night and Christmas woo!
what are your favourite things to do with autumn/winter let me know in the comments

Thursday, 18 September 2014

Update: things do get better♥

I haven't been blogging in quite a while now which is unusual for me as i was blogging pretty much
everyday. But since I've started college i have been really busy. In a way i think its a good thing to post every now and then because they will be more organised and just contain better writing.
I also feel like my whole life has turned around for the better i did a post about confidence and expressed that i also had issues with it. But since starting college i feel like its getting better i feel happy with my self and happy in my own skin. I no longer compare myself to other people and no longer talk down about myself.  I have a real positive outlook on life now and i feel that's the way forward. Just think about it when you thinking bad about yourself you feel rubbish inside and out, but obviously when your happy and positive you feel your best. I also was a very shy person (i still am a little) but i feel like that is getting better too!. In a year i've noticed  a huge change in myself. Everything is different my attitude, my outlook on life everything!                                                                                                                                      

I just really wanted to write this post to say that things really do work out life can be so hard at times but you have to come out fighting. These experiences your going through will make you a stronger person in the long run. Always be determined too! don't let your self sink pick your self back up the more you feel depressed about it the worse you will feel.                                                                                                                                                      

I would of never of thought a year ago i would be here happy and everything sorted out. I learnt tips about how to stay positive and how to deal with anxiety and i feel as if i should pass it on to you!.
i like helping people who are dealing with the same problems as me. You learn things you pass them on and help other people and then they can over come it. With time and the right attitude i promise you will overcome anything!  I will be of on holiday soon so i wont be able to post much until i get back. But i promise you i will take plenty of pictures to share                                                                                                                                          

this song will put you in a good mood instantly!(click here to view pharell williams happy if your on your phone)

         thank you for reading i would love to hear your comments  so don't be shy:-)


Saturday, 13 September 2014

Why bloggers inspire me♥

I have an obsession with cats so i had to include this picture its so cute!!!
Today  i thought i would do a post all about bloggers and why i look up to them so much. For many years now I've been reading a variety of blogs and always thinking how i could make my own. I always wanted to make my blog a lifestyle and fashion blog mainly with the occasional beauty post.
When blogger comes to mind we think of the big name bloggers such as Zoella and i really look up to zoella. Having started out with zero followers/subscribers and working her way up to the top. It just shows you that anything is possible if you stick your mind to it. It can be a struggle at first getting your blog out there and noticed but you have to think to your self that your blog is fairly new and you just have to keep working hard. Always take care with your posts make sure that there interesting.                                                                                 

Anyway slightly going of subject but i really look up to bloggers not just big time ones i also look up to the ones just starting of like me. Because there giving it a go and determined to not give up and that is the attitude to take.  What blogs do i read? I read a quite a few to be honest and i will let you in to them Zoella , Tanya Burr , Vivianna does makeup , Lily pebbles , Melonlady , fleur de force there all kind of in the same industry fashion,lifestyle,beauty but they all take there own individual approach on it And that's why i think there so successful because there not just copying somebody elses posts or doing exatcly the same as other bloggers they do what they want to. Which is the right approach to take your not going to want to read a blog what is the same as another because it would just get boring.                                                       

Its not all about views/followers/comments (of course they are amazing) but sometimes blogging is just about having your own little space on the web to express your views. Just don't get to addicted to the views/comments just be happy and enjoy what your doing. If your not happy and you don't enjoy what your doing it will show in your posts as they will become sloppy and just boring.                                                                                                        

Future dreams for my blog: I obviously would love it if my blog became really well known and hearing people talk and reccomend my blog to other people. I would just be happy to hear that my posts are helping people out in some way. Or my posts are making people happy and people are actually enjoying my writing. ( i would love to hear you feed back so feel free to comment or contact me on my email which is at the top of my page)                                                                                                                                                                     

I hope you liked this posts ( i haven't posted in a couple of days as i've been busy with school maybe posting every couple of days works out better as they will be more planned and put together)                                                                                             

Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Top ten tag♥

This Tag was made by Jessica Vannan at (pretty Chit Chat)
I was tagged by Taylor at (Another fashion Fanatic )
i nominate anybody who wants to do this tag

Its a simple tag you post your top ten beauty items you couldn't live with out

1. clinique chubby in whoopin watermelon it gives a very subtle hint of color and leaves your lips really

2. I love this bronzer its so good i have never changed my bronzer since ive discovered this

3 Maybelline colour sensation in 148 summer pink

 4. Maybelline gel eyeliner pot its so good it leaves a great finish

5. This foundation gives a flawless finish its great for covering any blemishes 

6. Maybelline baby lips in peach kiss 

7. My lashes are very short but this actually makes it look like i have some 

8. Tweezers are a must for me i carry them everywhere as my eyebrows grow back so quick:(! 

 9 This eyeliner is so  thin it makes application so easy!

10. My favorite perfume has to be Marc Jacobs Daisy 

I tag anybody who's intrested in doing this tag 

Monday, 8 September 2014

Outfit of the day♥

Today i wanted to post another outfit post because i really enjoy writing them. I recently bought this blue top it has a necklace attached to it so its not so plain. It really makes the top stand out let me know what you think in the comments 

Perfume wise I've been wearing Marc Jacobs Daisy which is such
a beautiful scent i would defiantly recommend buying it


I love these ripped jeans along with the blue top

These are the shoes i wore (I didn't wear these trousers but i forgot to take a picture of my shoes with my outfit)

Make up i used on my face
♥ Rimmel match perfection foundation (Buy here)Maybelline illegal length mascara (Buy here)
eco tools brush i have the set of them they are very good(Buy here)
Bourjois bronzing powder (Buy here)
 I went for a pretty basic natural look

Top- Primark
Ripped jeans- Tk Maxx
shoes- Newlook
watch- Vivienne westwood

Saturday, 6 September 2014

Pink coat hobbs style♥

♥Todays weather has been rain all day but I'm kind of happy about it because I get to wear my new coat which I'm just totally in love with its a really pale pink colour and I've been wanting this sort of coat for some time now but never saw one what suited me. I'm so happy that I found this coat in new look it will be getting a lot ware out of it. By the way is it bad to say that I can't wait for winter? I really don't know why I love it so much I just get so excited for the snow and Christmas (yes I just said the c word in September oops) But I really love autumn/winter fashion I love all the layering. Cant wait to start getting my scarfs out too!.
                           my curls have still stayed in from yesterday yes! I don't have to do my hair again


The boots I wore :-) put a picture as you cannot see them


Saturday summary- Ive not been up to a great deal ive just been to see some of my family and help paint the house (which I hate doing but oh well) now im just listening to  the radio and feeling tired all ready haha let me know what you think about my coat in the comments♥

♥coat- newlook
♥jeans- internationale
♥boots- newlook
♥jumper- tk maxx

Thursday, 4 September 2014

25 facts about me ♥

Today im not going to lie i was having one of those days where i was really struggling to think of blog post ideas. Then finally i got an idea its sort of a personal post today get to know me let me know what you think in the comments

1. I love writing! i honestly just love it when i was little i would always be writing stories. Ive always loved English lessons  too!

2. I day dream a lot (i'm always living in my own little fantasy world)

3.  I love watching period dramas like downtown abbey! ( i always find it funny to say as im a teenager!)

4.  I love winter very strange i know. Normally people love warm weather and course i do but winter makes me so happy with the snow & Christmas!

5. Im a huge animal lover on my instagram its literally full of pictures of my two cats

6.  I have a fear of elevators you will never ever get me in one im very claustrophobic i hate tight spaces

7. I love all things floral if i see anything with floral print i have to have it!

8.  I used to play football when i was 11 i was a big lover of football! ( but i never really wanted to get muddy haha)

9.  When i was little i would only ever have sandwiches cut up into triangles

10.  I used to grow my hair out long then cut it into a really short bob then cry and regret it

11. My hair is naturally curly (used to be even curlier when i was little it was like tight curls)

12.  I sing all the time (i love to sing it makes me happy i literally sing every moment i can and sometimes i can get songs in my head at very inconvenient times like in a test)

13. I'm very shy but when i get to know people i come more out of my shell

14.  I love being at Scarborough it makes me happy to take all the scenery in

15. I want to become a journalist and live in London

16.  My birthday is 13th March

17. My favorite subject at school is english i love it! it always has been my favorite i just enjoy it

18.  I still love watching the Simpsons ( i will never grow out of watching it )

19. I will only drink diet cola i really do not like proper cola

20. My favorite color is pastel pink

21. I've always wanted to go blonde (but never dared)

22. I love costa coffee and starbucks

23. I have an obsession with me to you bears i have a lot (but nowhere to put them)

24. When i was little i used to put socks on and slide on the laminate floor pretending i was an ice skater

25. my favorite meal is lasagna

Thank you for reading iv'e seen these posts a few times on other blogs and it inspired me to do one myself