Saturday, 4 July 2015

Perfect summer print nails by elegant touch.

Hello everyone welcome back to my blog. The weather in the UK has been really hot so I thought I would keep my blog post summer themed, if you follow me on instagram you will have seen that I won a competition elegant touch hosted. I won all these amazing nails many of them beautifully summer themed, also I have lots of fudge urban hair products I feel very lucky I have never won anything in my life, but now I have.

The first set are called club Tropicana, these nails are so beautiful with the flamingo print. This print is gorgeous and I love flamingos I remember one time I was actually going to get flamingo wallpaper!
These nails are so easy to apply and the glue is amazing, its very strong and avoids nails falling off all over (which we really don't want right?)

It isn't summer without seeing pineapple print am I right? These nails are so tropical and beautiful they remind me of a Caribbean holiday. I love these they are very bold and definitely a statement nail. You don't need to spend a fortune going to a nail salon when these are so easy and affordable, and if you ask me they are just as good!

These nails have to be my favourite, palm tree print screams summer holidays. When I look at these I just think of Hollywood Or  the Coachella festival. These are so chic and the name 'welcome to Miami' just draws you to them. Come on though who wouldn't want a holiday in Miami, well if you cant get to Miami bring Miami to you with these nails!

These nails are great for holidays, they will look great day and night. I love the coral pink colour and the green feathered colour they really work well together. The thing I love the most about these nails is that they are very natural looking and you can still do normal day to day things, its annoying when you have really long nails and you cant pick anything up. Don't worry you want get that with these.

Which are you favourite nails, let me know in the comments

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Friday, 3 July 2015

Weight is just a number!

(Picture from google images)

Hello everyone and welcome back to my blog. As you can tell by the title today is a very heavily discussed topic in the media and well everywhere. I hate how magazines portray women to be perfect goddesses, funny thing is those pictures have been airbrushed like crazy. I hate the expectations the media has put on us girls, I hate how they are quotes such as "the perfect size 10" there is no such thing as the perfect size we are all different and unique. We all has humans come in all shapes and sizes some small some tall and so on, but why should we brand people offensive names because of their weight it's wrong and if I could put a stop to it overnight I would. As a society we all are very judgemental and you could be reading this right now and thinking, me judgemental no way. The truth is you will of looked in a magazine at a certain person and said well they don't look that great, or woah they have piled the weight on. These people have feelings they are normal human beings you don't have to live life pleasing people with your weight, because if people don't like you for who you are then they aren't worth speaking to. Be yourself you are original who wants to be another copy of somebody else we all want to be original in our own way.

Every person at some part their life has had times where they feel down about their appearance, it's so sad that people compare their selfs to everyone. And I have to admit it's something I do myself and it's an habit that's very hard to break free from. In the past I had my own issues with my body image I was never happy about how I looked, I just thought no matter what I was fat and that was that. I had to slowly but surely build my confidence up in myself and face these issues with my weight, and find out where they all come from. They mainly come from being at junior school and being a little chubby, all my friends were considered "skinny" and I hate that word. But I wasn't overweight I was healthy. But as I stated to grow up I noticed I didn't look like my friends, but people constantly assured me I was fine but I didn't listen and still considered myself "fat". I wasn't fat I was healthy for my height and age, now I know but at the time it was an issue. But I've learned through the years to suppress that feeling and be happy in my own skin. Once you start feeling happier in your skin that's when everything will look up. I wish people would just stop looking at supermodels in magazines, and constantly wishing to look like them and just be happy. So what you have a few spots we all get them in life, so what you have freckles don't cover them with make up embrace them, so what you have scars or imperfections they make you who you are. All these flaws makes us who we are today, think about it though realistically you could talk to a celebrity and they would tell you that they have some sort of imperfection, nobody is perfect and the sooner we realise that the better. I hope you enjoyed reading this, and you are all amazing in your own way it's good to have imperfections.

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Wednesday, 1 July 2015

How to make the most of summer.

Hello everyone welcome back to my blog, today I thought I would talk about making the most of your summer. As I am typing this its currently 30 degrees outside, which is great so I thought I would come up with a blog post about making the most of summer, because you don't have to go abroad to make the most of it.

Meeting up with friends: This has to be one of my favourite things, its great to meet up with friends especially when the weather is gorgeous outside. You don't have to worry about the money you could go somewhere nice like a local park and have a picnic. Having a picnic in the park in the sun is the loveliest thing time goes by so quick and you feel so relaxed.

relax in your garden:  You don't have to leave your house to get the most of the sun, you can have a great time in your back garden. You could invite friends and family around get some music playing, and maybe get  a barbeque going.

Find some local fun places: It could be an outdoor swimming pool, a popular park or a local fair that has come to town.
I live in Sheffield and they are some great places to go to! many of them being free, when its warm I like to go to a place called the peace gardens. It has lovely water fountain features and a great atmosphere to it in the warm weather.

This picture was taken at Scarborough a place I really love visiting in the summer time, I love walking on the sea front and treating my self to some good fish and chips, also I love spending endless amounts of change in the slot machines.
I think its great to arrange day trips in the summer time with friends and family.

I hope you all have an amazing summer and let me know what your getting up to in the comments

Sunday, 28 June 2015

Netfilx suggestion #2

Hello everyone welcome back to my blog. Today I am going to tell you about a new Netflix discovery which I love. This show is called Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, its a comedy about a women who got brainwashed into joining a doomsday cult. Kimmy and a group of other women were kept in a bunker for 15 years, then they were set free and found out that the world didn't end and they were tricked. Kimmy now 30 chooses to live in New York and start her life all over again. But she still acts like a teenager with her dress sense and her actions, each episode shows her day to day life of what she gets up to. Every episode is hilarious with the jokes its definitely a show you should watch for a good laugh. My favourite character in this has to be Titus he's hilarious him and kimmy really bring the comedy. Every character really makes the show funny and worth watching. The downside is that this is fairly new to netfilx in the UK so we only have season 1 up to now which I have finished, and I cant wait to see more.

I love this show because its dumb and funny, I love that kimmy is portrayed to be quite dumb but its so funny at the same time. When you see here going off to buy clothes in the first episode she buys glitter shoes that light up, I mean this just shows the inner babyishness in her and its hilarious. There is also an episode where she goes to a nightclub and even though she is a 30 year old she really acts like a 13 year old. In the nightclub she's stood with a rucksack that has her name sewn on it and her light up shoes, you see what I mean now with the inner babyishness and the dumb comedy. But nevertheless I just love it and I think its comedy gold.

Would you watch this let me know in the comments

Friday, 26 June 2015

My week.

Hello everyone welcome back to my blog, today I thought I would give you a quick run down of my week. So a lately I am not going to lie I have been feeling so un inspired with blog posts, I have been finding it so hard to come up with new ideas on regular basis. Its really annoying but every blogger must go through it right? I need to start jotting ideas down, and getting out there and taking pictures to write up on. I always find it so much easier to write a blog post when I have good pictures to show off.

 (card my mum got me, its so nice and cute)

So now I have finished college, I went in to pick up my final grades for my media course. To say I started the course late and everyone knew what they had to do, and I was so far behind I managed to get distinctions. Which is great and I am very happy about it. I think the real reason why I did well is because I was learning something that really interests me, and I have a real determination to do well. It really pays off working hard and being determined because you get good results.

Can you remember last week when I wrote a blog post about getting my nose pierced?, well im sure you will it wasn't long ago. But anyway I'm still very undecided by it, so until I have fully made up my mind then that's when ill get it, or not get it done.

I have also been working on improving my CV and I am planning on getting them printed and handing them out, to as many places as I can. I really need a job and I know how hard it is to find jobs but I'm making it my number one priority to find one, by improving my CV and making it as good as I can it will really catch potential employers eye.

So, I hope you enjoyed reading me ramble on a little but I thought I would share my week.

Let me know what you're up to this weekend in the comments


Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Esprit summer wish list.

Hello everyone, welcome back to my blog. Today i am going to show you my summer wish list, from a clothes company called esprit. Now summer has finally arrived in the UK, it might not feel like it at times but its here so I thought its a great time to start looking for new clothes. Esprit have a beautiful range of summer clothes perfect for any occasion, whether it be laid back casual or something more fancy they have it covered. So here are my picks

1. I love this dress the bright blue colour really caught my attention, also I love the pattern to this dress reminds me of festivals. This dress would be perfect for any holiday or any festivals you have coming up.
(Buy here)

2. Now I guess you can sense some sort of vibe going off right?, well I just love this boho type print it reminds me so much of festivals. A lot of these items would be perfect for festivals. This top would look great with a pair of shorts!

(Buy here)

3. Summer is quite summer, without sandals and I just love the beautiful gem detail of these. The silver colour really stands out and catches your eye they are perfect.

(Buy here)

4. An outfit isn't quite complete without accessories. This necklace is such a statement you could pair this necklace with a plain tee for a bold look, this necklace will make any outfit look more dressy and put together.
(Buy here)

5. I love a pair of ear rings, and when it comes to summer time I love a pretty pastel coloured pair. These just scream summer the beautiful pastel pink colour and gorgeous flower design. They are beautiful and I love them
(Buy here)

What's your favourite item from my wish list? and would you check esprit out let me know in the comments

Sunday, 21 June 2015

Sunday skincare

Hello everyone welcome back to my blog, today is Sunday and that means lounging around watching Netflix and pampering your self. That is exactly my Sunday routine today. Now today I woke up with the biggest spot ever on my nose it was huge, so I thought I would have to let my skin breathe and give it some tlc it needs. I love wearing makeup I really do but its nice to just give your skin some air and let it breathe, especially if you want to get rid of a spot like me.

1. Peel of face masque- when it comes to faces masques Montagne Jenesse always springs to mind, this brand is so affordable and every girl has tried these masks out they are great. I love the peel off ones and the rinse of ones they both do the trick but today I wanted a peel off one. This masque  deeply cleanses the pores and removes dirt and build up. This is exactly what I need to get rid of my spot to deeply clean my skin and leaving  it feeling pampered and lovely.

2. every night before I go to bed and every morning, I like to wash my face with a facial wash I have so many different ones. For example this particular one fights spots and blackheads, obviously this is the one I am picking today to fight my pesky not so little spot.

3. Royal jelly moisturiser I love to apply this before I go to bed, because I suffer with dry skin a lot so this leaves my skin feeling so soft. Royal jelly is perfect for people who suffer with dry skin I highly recommend it

So I hope you all have a relaxing Sunday, and let me know your favourite skin care product in the comments.

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