Friday, 6 May 2016

My experience with braces so far..

Hello everyone welcome back to my blog. Today I wanted to share my experience with braces; I have had braces now for about 4 months and have my own opinion on them. I have always been insecure about my smile as in the picture shown my top teeth were very set back underneath my top two. There are no pictures of me at all smiling with my teeth, so these images are actually a big deal to me.  I first started my journey to straighter teeth back in January and I just had a top brace fitted; the bottom wasn't fitted right away as there wasn't enough room at the time. Flash forward to today and I have finally had my bottom brace fitted.

At the beginning, I was very excited to have my braces fitted because I finally knew I will eventually have teeth to be proud of; instead of being insecure and hiding my smile. Now I know my teeth may not be the most severe case you've ever seen but they still bothered me personally.

So, does it hurt to have your braces fitted?

Having your braces fitted is a simple and quick procedure with just a matter of glueing. A couple of hours after you may experience a bit of aching; which can be solved by taking painkillers, other than that it's pretty easy.  At first, I did experience a little bit of rubbing while I was getting used to them, but I used some orthodontic wax and placed it on the bracket that was rubbing and it really soothed it.

Tightening of braces: When the day arrives for your braces to be tightened don't be scared; all it involves is replacing your wire for a thicker tighter one. Like having your braces fitted you might experience a little bit of aching after but painkillers will soothe this.

Tips for people who are new to braces

When I was new to braces I constantly worried about getting food stuck in my brace; to avoid this I recommend carrying a mirror and some travel mouthwash. I also use interdental brushes which are little brushes which fit between your wires to remove any leftover food.

Orthodontic wax!! This was a must for me when I was new to braces; you can buy the wax from Boots or your orthodontist. The wax is placed on the bracket which is causing you discomfort and instantly soothes the annoying rubbing.

Whitening toothpaste: I always use whitening toothpaste because as you know it's very easy for teeth to get stained when wearing braces; using a whitening toothpaste definitely prevents this happening.

Timer: I always use a timer to time myself brushing my teeth. You should be told to brush your teeth three times a day, two minutes top and bottom. The timer really helps and reassures you're brushing them long enough.

Disclosing tablets: These are amazing, they are tablets that are chewed then spat out and stain your teeth purple to show the plaque remaining on your teeth; once the purple staining is gone you know the plaque has gone. Ta-dah, you have  perfectly clean teeth!

I hope this post helps any people worried about braces and if you have any tips I haven't mentioned let me know in the comments.
Lauren x

Sunday, 17 April 2016

Inspirational stories #2

 Hello everyone, welcome back to my blog. Today I wanted to carry on my new blog series with Emma's story; her story shows off her life in fashion designing, what inspires her, how she got into it and her advice. It's a very interesting read! and very inspiring to aspiring fashion designers; to prove that anybody can achieve what they want with determination. 

Emma's story

“I've always had an interest in art and design because my dad is an artist, so art has always been a part of my life and I've always had a huge interest in it myself. The love for fashion all began when I left school and studied visual display; I have been sewing now for 15 years!
When I am designing I think about everyday people and visualise how it’s going to look on them, so they can feel confident and glamorous. I taught myself how to sew but I decided to take a two-year dress making course so I could perfect my skills and delve into more complexed designs. If some people don’t like my designs I just take it as that not everybody has the same taste; I don’t expect everyone to like what I wear, we’re all different and I try not to take it to heart.  I’ve always been inspired by Vivienne Westwood, she's really out there and unique. My fascination all began when I saw her on a chat show wearing a very unusual daring bodysuit; the obsession started from there and even today I still look at her designs for inspiration. I love making 50’s style clothing, Marilyn Monroe and Audrey Hepburn are huge style icons to me. In life my children and family make me happy, they cheer me up when I am feeling down and I am very proud of what they are accomplishing; I am a very proud mum! My oldest child was born two months early and she had to stay in the hospital for a month; it was a challenging time in my life but I wouldn't have got through it without the support from my husband and family. Five years time from now, I hope to be fully focusing on my fashion designing and hope that I can quit my day job and have fashion designing as my full-time job.”

Emma's Etsy  link - you can view Emma's designs on Etsy by clicking on the link! 

If you think you have an interesting story to be shown in my new series then email me:

See you soon,

Friday, 15 April 2016

Inspirational stories #1

I decided to start a brand new blog series: inspirational stories. I think it would be a brilliant idea to showcase people's life and show their determination and hope; which also could help other people out that might be in the same situation.  The main moral to this blog series is that everyone no matter what have a story.  

To kick off this blog series I wanted to begin with Megan's story; she's such an inspirational young lady and I think she could inspire many others with the attitude she has. 

Megan's story

“ Secondary school was my most challenging life experience; everyone labelled me and didn’t get to know me first. I overcame this by coming out of my shell more and showing my true self.   My mum really inspires me the most in life because when I was born 10 weeks early my mum found out that I had cerebral palsy; my mum always taught me not to let it hold me back and live a normal life as possible.  I overcome common stereotypes by proving people wrong and succeeding to my full potential. My goals for the future are to go to university and become a primary school teacher.  My biggest achievement so far has been walking around a little bit of the astroturf at school for charity; a few months after having surgery. If I had to give advice to people in the same situation as me I would say: Don’t look at what you can’t do look at what you can do; I have always been brought up believing that. If you’re not able to do something then always persevere and find a way of working it out, instead of just giving up.  I express my own individuality by the things I wear and my personality. I have a different outlook on life to others and I do not take life for granted because life is precious.”
If you think you have a story that could be used on my blog email me:

Wednesday, 13 April 2016

Naked 2 basics aka my favourite palette ever!

 Hello! welcome back to my blog; today I thought I would share my new beloved palette. This palette has honestly become my new holy grail item; I love how you can literally create any look with this palette, ranging from day to night. This palette has netural colours perfect for day and also includes darker colours to smoke your look out for more night time looks. For 23 pounds I think this palette is a must have and it's Urban Decay, so what more can you ask for from a palette?

 Starting from the left: Skimp this is a beautiful highlight shade for the browbone, stark another highlighting shade but more matte, frisk is a perfect colour to wear alone for daytime, cover is a more darker brown shade, primal is a deeper brown shade and undone is really great for making any look more intense and smokey.

On my eyes I have cover as the main lid colour, primal in the outer crease and undone in the crease just to add a little more inteseity ( I bleneded the undone shade a lot as this look was for the daytime)

Would you buy this palette? let me know in the comments

Saturday, 26 March 2016

A few faves from my wardrobe

Hello everyone, long time no blog. I know it's been a while I'm sorry! I thought I would get back into the swing of blogging with an exciting lookbook collaborating all my favourites.

I recently was inspired by Social Print Studio to create a lookbook with all of my favourite outfits. The main focus would be outfits confidence and how they create my own personal style that gives me confidence and how they create my own personal style.

Social Print Studio offers amazing quality photo books ranging from small books, sticker books,  canvases, greeting cards, magnets etc. Social Print Studio pretty much has everything to offer; their custom-made photo books are a great present for somebody or just for yourself! I think they're perfect; to store all your life memories forever. It's something personal and sentimental. 

Fashion is something everyone participates in, everyone has their own individual style, it's what makes us unique to everyone else. I love wearing a good pair of bold statement trousers they are my favourite bold statement item. I love the personality they give to my whole outfit they really give it some oomph and happiness. I like to add my own personality into my fashion; rather than following and copying other people. I do love taking inspiration but I think it's nice to interpret an outfit into your own.

 Outfit one details- 
Top - New look
Trousers- Primark
Necklace- New look
Blazer -
Shoes - Zara

I love this first outfit because it's very smart casual. The blazer really smartens things up - which makes the outfit very suitable for both casual and dressy events.

Second outfit details- 

Top- Primark
Skirt- River Island

I adore this skirt because it's so bright and anybody who knows me well enough knows I am one for bold prints and colours. I love how this gives a plain black outfit some oomph and personality. I felt really nice and confident wearing this skirt because I felt very comfortable in it - this is key when wearing a fashion item, you must feel comfortable if not you won't feel confident you'll just be worrying.

Hurray for the bold printed trousers!
I love this outfit, although it is an old image from last year as I have light hair - I do still wear these trousers. I love this lilac shirt I paired with this outfit, it made me feel very chic and confident as I was expressing my individual style.

Outfit details- 

Blouse- Primark
Trousers- Primark
Blazer- New look

I love wearing girly floral prints in summer, they really get me into the summer spirit! This outfit made me feel very happy as I was wearing fun unique colours and straying away from plain comfort zone colours. 

Outfit details- 
Jumpsuit- New look
Blazer- Boutique shop in my local shopping centre that unfortunately closed
Shoes- Zara

Again, here I am showing off some more printed trousers! These are more easy colours to work into your wardrobe if you aren't the one for bold colours.

Trousers- New look 

What is your fashion statement? let me know in the comments

Friday, 26 February 2016

Orange and brown smokey eye

 Hello everyone, welcome back to my blog. Today I wanted to show you this orange smokey eye. When I first purchased this orange eyeshadow I was a little unsure how to make it work - after playing around with shadows I finally made it work for me. I used a matte brown shadow on the lid and started to blend the orange shadow in the crease slowly - you must build it up do not apply loads. To create a crisp look I applied tape at the corners of my eye so it looks neat, as I can be very messy with shadows. I like the effect the tape gives my eye look, the shadow looks nice and angled. Make sure you  blend, blend and blend, to avoid harsh lines!

All makeup products will be listed below! :)

Foundation- Rimmel radiance BB cream (shade medium)
Concealer- Kiko natural skin concealer (shade number two)
Contour/bronzer- Seventeen contour kit (shade light)
Highlight- Makeup Revolution baked highlighter (shade pink lights)
Main lid colour- Matte brown shade from Urban Decay on the run palette
Crease colour- Kiko infinity shadow (shade 209)
Lip liner- MUA (shade nougat) 
Lipgloss- Soap and glory mother pucker 
Eyebrows- Rimmel professional eyebrow pencil (shade dark brown)

What do you think of this look? let me know in the comments

Sunday, 21 February 2016

Silver eyeshadow look

Hello everyone, welcome back to my blog - today I wanted to show you this pretty and simple eye look.  I love experimenting with different eyeshadow because it gets you out of your comfort zone. It's always nice to mix things up every now and then so you don't get into the same boring routine every day. 

So, here's how to get the look...

I am one of those girls who never sticks with the same foundation! I am always trying different ones. This Revlon foundation is a new fave of mine.

To blend the foundation I use my Real Techniques, expert face brush. It's fab for blending!

 To add a little bit of definition to my face, I use this Seventeen contour palette - in the shade light.
 I use this powder to just quickly set my foundation into place.
 For lips, I use the MUA lip liner in the shade nougat and the Makeup Revolution lipstick in the shade nude.
 I use this Makeup Revolution highlighter in the shade pink lights, just on the cheekbones.
 I always used to use powders for my brows, now I use this Rimmel eyebrow pencil and it's brilliant!
I use a little bit of this Soap&Glory mascara, before applying my Ardell demi whispies lashes.
This is the Makeup revolution eyeshadow in the shade frozen

 I love Kiko shadows and this is brilliant I applied this in my crease - this shade is 215.
I have to prime my eyes before using eyeshadow so, I use the Collection primer!

What do you think to this look? Let me know in the comments

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