Monday, 22 December 2014

Blogmas day 22 | Crimped hair and makeup

Hello and welcome to blogmas day 22 I cant believe blogmas is all over Thursday I will truly miss it and will be doing it next year. I hope you have been enjoying my posts ive been getting one up everysingle day and it has been a challenge but a fun challenge. I love blogging Its my hobby I find It  a fun thing to do. It should never be a stressful thing or a chore. If it is then its just not for you. Bloggers sign up to this because they have a passion for writing. Anyway enough of the ramble today I have got my triple barrel waver out and decided to  crimp my hair. I also put a nice brown eyeshadow on creating a nice smokey look. It looks really nice with my hazel coloured eyes!

I created these curls/waves with the Andrew Barton triple barrel waver I did a post about them (READ THE POST HERE)
Make up used
Rimmel match perfection foundation
bourjois bronzer
w7 in the buff palette in colour 'chocolate' on the lids
Revlon lip laquer in the colour whimsical
ysl mascara
What do you think to this look let me know in the comments
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Sunday, 21 December 2014

Blogmas day 21 | Pretty palette's

Welcome to blogmas day 21 today I thought I would put together my favourite palette's choosing 3 from highend names and 3 from drugstore names. I love eye shadow palette's their such pretty things i get so excited looking at them glistening in the packaging. A lately i have been really getting into wearing eye shadow so i love to browse through all the palette's out there.

Starting of with the high end palette's
1. Clarins the essentials eye makeup palette contains 10 mineral eyeshadows  for all day to evening
looks include mirror and brush applicator perfect Christmas present for you or a loved one! (BUYHERE £35.00)

2. Urban decay on the run palette Limited edition beauty palette everything you need for a natural look this handy
travel kit is great for day or night would make a great Christmas present for you as a treat or a loved one (BUYHERE £37.00)

3. Bare minerals super natural collection the happy place eye palette
Gorgeous warm tones can take you to day and night for a warm look its beautiful
great for Christmas too! (BUYHERE£29.00)

 Now we have the drugstore brands which all look pretty good and such pretty colours these stood out to me
1. Studio prism palette by elf in the colour naked this is such
a beautiful palette is resembles some high end palettes so gorgeous
(BUYHERE £10.00)

2. Rimmel glam eyes quad In the colour smokey brown
i think this will look so pretty with brown coloured eyes i want it for myself!
(BUYHERE £6.99)

3. Bourjois smokey stories quad In the colour over rose
this is so pretty i love the rose gold colours!
(BUY HERE £7.99)

what do you think to these palettes? which one is your favourite let me know in the comments!
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Saturday, 20 December 2014

Blogmas day 20 | The party music

Hello and welcome to blogmas day 20 4 days till Christmas woo. Today I thought I would share with you my favourite album its amazing I love it so much there is not one song I hate. Its perfect for parties you maybe hosting. The album is by Ministry of sound It is their annual album for 2015. It includes Duke Dumonts, Wilkinson, SecondCity, Kiesza, Avicii, Klingande, Gorgon city, Shift k3y, Route 94, Dj fresh, Martin Garix Tiesto, Sam Smith and London Grammar. I was given this today as a early Christmas present from my mum I was so happy because I really wanted it. So I guess she couldn't resit giving it me early. And I'm listening to it right now while writing this. Its the perfect playlist for a party. Instead of spending hours putting together a playlist buy this you wont be disappointed. Great for New year eve!

I love the cover its lovely I have the first disc playing now 
would you buy this album? let me know in the comments
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                                                                           lauren x

Friday, 19 December 2014

Blogmas day 19 | My top hair tools

Hello welcome to Blogmas day 19 I'm so sorry for not getting a post up yesterday I hope this makes up for it. I was very busy and had a lot of things to do. But I made it my top priority to get one up today. Anyway I love everything to do with hair I love seeing new products and tools. So I was going through my collection of hair tools and thought I would pick out some of my favourites. It may give you a few ideas for a new look.

Andrew barton crimper. I love this for summer it gives your hair  a lovely crimped look. Just get a strand a hair at a time and clamp the tool at the top of the hair and work your way to the bottom easy!


I love my Remington curling wand to achieve pretty spiral curls.
This product is amazing for giving you a professional blow dried look at home. Instead of having a brush and a hair dryer this is all in one how amazing
Add caption

GHD hair straighteners I couldn't live without them they make my naturally curly frizzy hair tame able straight and shiny! also I love my Ghds to create big bouncy curls

What do you think to these hair tools let me know in the comments
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Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Blogmas day 17 | A must have product for coloured hair!

Hello everyone and welcome to blogmas day 17. Can you believe Thursday is Christmas day its getting really exciting now. Instead of me just going on i'm going to get right into the post. So i discovered this shampoo and conditioner a couple of weeks ago. And love them if you have coloured hair i would highly reccomend these. They enhance your  colour instead of making it dull like other shampoos and conditioners. Since using this i think my colour has become so much brighter and better. I love how intense and rich my colour looks again. Its great when your hair is dulling but you don't want to dye it. It also leaves your hair really shiny and soft with the argan oil and cranberry.

My hair today. It looks so shiny:)
Would you try these let me know in the comments
.                                                                                 love,
                                                                                           lauren x
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Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Blogmas day 16 | Im so happy with my blog!

Hello and welcome to blogmas day 16 today I feel like a chatty post more writing for you to read. And I really hope you enjoy it:). Anway as  you know this is my first ever Christmas blogging so I have been pretty brave to do blogmas. Seen as I haven't had my blog that long. But I just decided to do it and im really glad I have. I think I would of regretted not doing Blogmas. And it will be nice to look back at.
So thinking back to before I had this blog!
I always wanted to start a blog I had so many ideas in my head on what to post. I was always reading other peoples and wishing I could do it myself. Of course I could but there was always a voice in the back of my head telling me not to. Which is so silly because its something I want to do. I always thought that people might laugh or find it stupid. But honestly now I don't think at the negatives one little bit. I think more about the positives on my blog. I love that I'm free to write what ever I like when I ever I like. Its nice to have my own little place on the web. Where my personality is expressed. I love getting comments they make ever so happy but when I first started I never really thought about comments,followers and views. I was just so happy that I had the confidence to put up my posts. But now I'm slowly getting more followers it has made me very happy. To know people are reading your blog and enjoying it. Is the best feeling ever.

I love this blog and i'm really happy about how its turned out. When I picture what it looked like at the beginning its crazy to see how much its changed for the good. I have improved my skills and I now know about HTML codes took me ages but I got it in the end! I think having my blog has gave me a whole lot of confidence to. And its good practice for the future if I want to become a journalist. My advice to anybody who is thinking about starting a blog is to say just go for it. You never know unless you try. You don't want to live your life forever thinking what if! Thank you for following and reading my blog it means so much to me.

I hope you enjoyed reading this post let me know what you think in the comments
                                                                             lauren x
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Monday, 15 December 2014

Blogmas day 15 | Soap&glory Body wash

Hello and welcome to Blogmas day 15 it's getting ever so close to the big day now. Isn't it so exciting? I have to admit i will honestly miss blogmas. Being able to post every single day and having the festive spirit. I dont want December to end its my favourite month!
Today i thought i would let you in to my most loved beauty item. Its not a big shock when i say i love soap&glory to everyone who knows me because i blabber on about it all the time. I love introducing people to soap&glory because its so good. I love the scents and products they just never disappoint to bring out a good product. Whether its Makeup or skincare or even hair care you know its going to be AMAZING with soap&glory.Today its all about their body washes which are just beautiful. Firstly they come in 500ml bottles which seem to last forever. And they make your skin squeaky  clean and soft also they give you a lovely scent. Fresh and clean.

These are the two i am loving they both have very different scents but i love them both. Its nice to mix and match instead of sticking to the same product everyday.

 This is a almond scent its a scent what is a lot less in your face than the sugar crush. It lathers so well and it moisturizes your skin.
I love this scent but it isn't for everyone it reminds me of a sherbet sweet. I smell this and it smells like a sweet shop to me. It claims to be energy boosting and i honestly think its true this also lathers amazingly and leaves your skin feeling nice and soft

What do you think to soap and glory let me know in the comments
                                                                      lauren x
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