Friday, 15 July 2016

How I add a hint of vintage to my bedroom

Details of image: 
Candles from Primark the one burning is a Yankee candle;
Heart tin from Turkey;
Heart bowl from Wilko;
Date display from a charity shop.

 Hello, everyone! welcome back to my blog! Today I wanted to talk about a theme that has kind of taken over my life - vintage! Shabby chic/vintage is everywhere now and it's classed as cool to have a distressed look to your decor. I love the whole idea of upcycling I personally love the worn in look that comes with the whole shabby chic feel. I am currently upcycling my chest of drawers by adding a few touches like replacing handles and painting; I will keep you updated with that one, for sure!

I wanted to share with you today my bedroom and the little vintage touches I have added to really give my room the whole vintage vibe, so here goes... 

Bunting bought on Ebay
Bunting is a staple for transforming any room into a shabby chic room! If I could I would hang bunting everywhere!

 Shelves from b&m
Bunting: Ebay
Left shelf - Candles: Store twentyone house lantern: Matalan

Right shelf- Candles: Store twentyone Hat ornament: charity shop 

Top middle shelf: Everything from Store twentyone including the clock
Now, I have, to be honest, I'm not one hundred percent sure where this came from my Nan bought it me so. I'm sure you can get similar ones from Ebay or Amazon.

This plaque is from b&m I remember seeing this at the till and I had to have it!

Heart frame from Poundstrecher 

Again, I am not sure where this picture came from as my Nan bought it me but there's plenty similar pictures out there.
I adore this mirror! It's from Store twenty-one and it really adds to the vintage theme, such beautiful detailing!

So, that's all for now. Let me know what you think in the comments - I love reading them.


Thursday, 14 July 2016

Maybelline vivid matte liquid lipsticks review

 Hi, everyone, welcome back to another blog post (hurray) Today, I wanted to share these new beauties - Maybelline vivid matte liquid lipsticks! They are new to Maybelline and I think they are pretty fab. You can get them for 4.99 at Boots, currently, on offer so get them quick! 

I have bought the colours 25 orange shot and 45 possessed plum. I love both of these colours they just stood right out to me. I normally go for the ordinary nude lippy but I wanted to stray out of my comfort zone with these bold colours. They have a few colours ranging from nude to bright and bold! There's honestly a colour for everyone and the formulation is perfect.

Bright colours, can often be very difficult to apply, am I right? These are honestly so smooth and easy; they literally glide on. I totally recommend these to everyone!

Common questions answered

What's the staying power like? The staying power is really good. I have tested them through everything - eating and drinking. They can actually be tough to get off, so no worries of them budging, that's for sure.

Do the dry the lips out? Now, remember these lipsticks are matte, so they can be a little drying to the lips. I recommend to prep the lips with a lip balm beforehand. To be honest, though, I haven't had any dryness from these lipsticks and I haven't been using lip balm so it all depends on the person.

Are they worth buying? Keeping it short and sweet - yes they are 100% worth buying for such a cheap drugstore product they are brilliant. These lipsticks have replaced my much beloved Mac lipsticks!

 Left:  possessed plum   
Right: Orange shot

 Here I am wearing Possessed plum, such a gorgeous shade. This is definitely a shade Kourtney Kardashian would wear and it's sort of a dupe for the Kylie cosmetics Kourt K lipstick!

Close up of possessed plum.

Here, I am wearing orange shot which happens to be my fave at the moment; I wear it all the time. I never thought I would be one for red lipstick; I never thought I could pull it off, to be honest. This lipstick totally changed my mind on the whole red lipstick game, I just love it. The orange/red tone is so pretty and I just can't stop wearing it.

Close up of orange shot.

So, that's all for now. Let me know if you would try these lipsticks in the comments.
See you soon!


Tuesday, 12 July 2016

First published article: body image in the media

Hello, welcome back to another blog post! So, I have expressed that I love writing on this blog a lot, right, so much so I study journalism at college. I was very lucky enough to get my first ever article published in the college magazine and I really wanted to share it on my blog, as it's sort of a milestone! As you can see by the article title, this is about body image In the media; which is a very hot topic at the moment with all the endless editing. I expressed my opinion on the matter by addressing we're all different! I wrote about how everybody is seeking 'perfection' but is there really such a thing? Nope there really isn't! I wanted to address that the Images you see of celebrities are edited and even they don't look truly like that; the truth is we all have scars and imperfections it's what makes us who we are.

I interviewed three people from college to get their opinion on the matter and most importantly how they stay happy in their own skin.

The article

Today's world can be pretty tough, constantly keeping up with trends and seeing 'perfection' something the media has done a good job at drilling into our heads.
Adults and children of all genders are getting caught up in this matter more than ever, due to the dominance of social media.

Social media can be a cruel vicious place, full of body shaming and bullying.
Young children and even adults need to understand the fake wall of social media; being that the images that the images that are shared have been filtered to perfection.

Everyone owns up to putting some form of filter on their pictures; I myself even put a form of filter on because we don't feel good enough without them.

In realistic terms, the images you look up to day in day out are fake and that's reality!


What are your thoughts on the unrealistic images the media publish?

Paige: "I believe that the media have no right to show or say what they perfect body is. We live in a world full of different people, I don't understand why the media advertise Photoshopped and unrealistic images of models.

It's boring. I think the media should be rooting to inspire and help people to love themselves more."

Lucy: " I think the unrealistic the media publishes are really bad because they give unrealistic beauty standards to young girls and boys; this can be quite damaging to their futures."

Isaac: "I think it's unhealthy to have high expectations of what to look like."

How do you stay happy in your own skin?

Paige: "I wear the clothes and make-up I like, however, I like. I won't let anyone change me."

Lucy: "I stay happy in my own skin by always ensuring that I do things I am comfortable with, whether it's the clothes I wear, the body products I use or how I exercise."

Isaac: " I try not to listen to what the media say too much; being myself makes me happy."

It's clear the majority of teenagers have a positive outlook on body image, by not letting high expectations of 'perfection' ruin their life.

Be happy, be confident and just be you!

I was very happy with the outcome and it's good to bring some positivity to this subject.

What do you think? Let me know in the comments!


Thursday, 7 July 2016

My favourite red dress!

Hi, everyone! welcome back. So today I wanted to share with you this beautiful dress; which happens to be my all time favourite at the moment. I am normally a girl who always wears black, but I have decided from now on to wear more colour. I chose red because it really brings colour into my skin; rather than making me look like a complete milk bottle - which is not a look I want to aim for.  I wore this dress to my end of year college awards. I know this dress is going to get a lot of use because it's beautiful. The detail is what stood out to me the most - with the ruffles and asymmetric design. It really perks up a boring dress!

I bought this dress from - which happens to be my all time favourite online shop. I always go to Boohoo when I need an outfit fast, as they always offer cheap next day delivery which is very handy!

What do you think to this dress, would you buy it?
Let me know in the comments,

Monday, 27 June 2016

New hair: I went light and here's how you can do it!

(Good old Snapchat filter, you've gotta love em')

Hi, everyone welcome back, again. So, as you can tell, I have light hair again! I have had my hair many, many colours in my time; the most common one is dark to light. I am always dying my hair dark and then lightening it again. I have had my hair dark for quite a while now, so I thought it was time for a change. I did this all at home, which is very   risky, so make sure you do your homework and know what you're slapping on to your head!

How I lightened my locks for the hundredth time (exaggeration I know but you get the point haha)

Step 1.  BLEACH! yes, this will dry your hair out and make it a little unpleasant. My advice to you would be to make sure you pamper your hair beforehand; coat it in coconut oil, trust me your hair will really thank you for it. Anyway, back to the bleaching process, I used Loreal's bleaching kit (Buy here) Now this claims to lighten up to 6 shades. My hair was very dark, as you can see below. My hair went very light but extremely ORANGE! I didn't panic too much as I have encountered this problem many times and it's something that happens when you lighten your hair unfortunately from a dark colour.

Step 2: Getting rid of the orange!   With a little advice from my auntie,  who is a hairdresser I managed to control it. She told me to put an ash based colour to correct orange tones, and it totally worked! I ended up putting one more colour on after the ash colour because I wanted more of a lighter result. The dark blonde hair dye was the finished result and I am very pleased with it.

When you're lightening your hair you should always be patient and stay calm. Youtube tutorials are very handy when you have encountered problems - there are lots of  solutions on there to help you out.

After I finished the lightening process and reached the colour I desired, I conditioned my locks ALOT. I applied a lot of coconut oil; this stuff will be your best friend ever when bleaching your hair!

I hope this helped  any of you out there who are wanting to lighten your hair. It's very achievable to do it at home without spending a fortune. If you were to go a very light blonde, I would really recommend to do that in stages, to keep your healthy locks . Eventually, I plan on going lighter with highlights but it's all in time as I don't want my hair to be ruined. 

What do you think of my new hair? Let me know in the comments.

Sunday, 5 June 2016

Going out makeup: black smokey eye

Hello everyone, I'm back again! (yay). Today, as you can tell by the title and image I will be showing you how to recreate a deep, black smokey eye. A black smokey eye is a gorgeous look for a night out, so get practicing now! Now, I am no professional and I may be making a few mistakes and taking different approaches, but this is my approach feel free to adjust it to your own.

Step 1

1.  Make sure you apply eye primer or concealer and powder if you do not have a primer.

2. Tape!! this will be your secret weapon apply tape at the end of your eye lining it up with the end of your brow in a diagonal position, so you get that clean crisp line with your eyeshadow; just like a professional!

3. Don't finish your base makeup completely, as you may get you may get downfall from your eyeshadow!

Step two 

1. Before jumping right into the base colour, apply a matte brown to the crease to act as a transitional colour so everything blends nicely. (I chose this matte brown Kiko shadow)

2. You will need this shadow again towards the end just to deepen the transitional shade and make it look blended and smokey.

Step three

(Morphe 35W palette available to buy on

1. Apply the  matte black shadow carefully and slowly, add a small amount and blend - keep doing this until you're satisfied with the amount of colour.

2.  Apply black sparkly shadow over the top to add sparkle!

3. Deepen the crease with some more of the matte brown shade.

4. Add a small cat flick with liquid eyeliner and apply a pencil eyeliner to your waterline.

5. Apply some of the black shadow to your bottom lash line to deepen the eyeliner.

6. Apply mascara and false lashes of your choice - ta-dah you're done!


I hope this tutorial helped in some way and thank-you for reading, see you soon!


Friday, 3 June 2016

Update: I'm back into blogging!

Hello, everyone! welcome back to my blog. It's been a while, hasn't it? so I thought I would give you a little update.  I haven't been very regular with my posts, so I thought a little explaining was in order. I have got myself a job finally! as a waitress; alongside my college studies. I have also, from today, started my driving lessons and I am very excited about the future; hopefully, I won't have to catch buses forever! My first year at college is coming to an end and I am looking around at potential university options, which is very exciting.  The things that are going off in my life at the moment are very positive and I am looking forward to what the future has to bring!

As for my blog, I plan on paying more attention to it, by to avoid neglecting it again. I plan on taking more care and consideration into my posts to publish good content.  I plan on scheduling blog posts so I don't let my busy schedule take over because I love blogging and it's a hobby that I've loved for years, so I don't want to stop now.

I'm happy to be back blogging now and I hope you stick around to hear more!

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